Popiglio hotel holidays

Popiglio hotel holidays

Town of Popiglio is placed in a strategic position on the mountains of Pistoia, in the past and this allowed him to watch over the border of Lucca.

His great artistic today bears witness to its history interwoven between wars and invasions; famous tourist attractions, in fact, are the towers Popiglio

The Towers of Popiglio, a few kilometers from the hotel, medieval fortifications are rich in charm, both a square and stand at different heights to a short distance to the other.

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Boscolungo Hotel Residence


Welcome to Boscolungo!In the wonderful environment of the Pistoia mountains, in Abetone, we made a first class hotel complex, designed and realized in order to mix skill with comfort.

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      Visit Abetone!The heart of the most famous ski area Apennine Tosco-Emiliano, the Abetone Pass, with its 1338 meters of altitude, owes its fame to the high peaks that make up the crown, an excellent climate and the hospitality of the inhabitants .

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          Come and visit us!The District is divided into three zones: the first consists of historical works such as Harness, Fivizzani and Riva; the second includes tracks Stucchi, Ovovia and Pulicchio; the third on the Val di Luce.

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